Terms and Conditions for Buyers
1.  If you are interested in one of the properties listed on Egypt4Property, you will be shown the property by a Egypt4Property representative at the earliest possible date that is agreeable between you and the owner.

2.  If you make an offer on a property that is listed with Egypt4Property, we will place that offer with the owner for his consideration and advise you of his decision to accept or decline the offer within 24 hours.

3.  If the price is agreed and a contract to buy is signed, then a deposit will be payable directly to the owner of the property through your lawyer.

4.  We know an excellent lawyer who can act of your behalf but you can find your own lawyer if you wish to.  All the legal fees incurred in buying the property are the responsibility of the buyer, not that of Egypt4Property.

5.  Your lawyer is responsible for all legal matters concerning the purchase of any property and its registration with the authorities and Egypt4Property cannot be held responsible for any mistakes that a lawyer might make.

Land and Commercial Properties
1.  Permission to build on land is dated and must be used within 2 years.

2.  If a license to build is not available Egypt4Property will work with your lawyer to obtain one on your behalf.  This will entail presenting detailed buildings plans to the relevant authorities.

3.  Egypt4Property will work with your lawyer to ensure that the license on any commercial property you wish to purchase matches the use that you wish to put it to, or can be changed to that purpose.  Some licenses cannot be changed from one purpose to another.

4.  Egypt4Property will work with your lawyer to ensure that there are no outstanding taxes on any commercial property you may wish to buy.
Notes for foreign buyers
1.  There are restrictions on the amount of land that can be held by a non-Egyptian national.  The total land area must not exceed 3,000 metres.

2.  Non-Egyptian nationals are only allowed to own one home in any city, but it is permissible to own more properties if they are for business purposes.

Egypt4Property is Part of the Luxor4u Network